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The fastest PRP Procedure On the Market 

2 spin cycles totaling 6 minutes!  Significantly faster than even most single spin inferior PPP systems on the market today.
Best Value

Highest volume of PRP gained with a smaller amount of blood drawn from the patient, yielding the lowest price point per ml of PRP available.

Highest Platelet Recovery

Proprietary polycarbonate tubes reduces platelet adhesion that will occur from Polypropylene tubes, giving Purespin PRP® maximum recovery. 
Highest Amount of Deliverable Platelets 

Deliverable platelets are the actual volume of viable platelets contained in a PRP sample (significantly higher than its closest competitor). 
Improved Patient Tolerance 

Small volume of blood draw required.  Purespin PRP® 
has a hematocrit of less than 1%.  This reduction of RBCs allows for use of smaller gauge needles and less patient discomfort than other devices on the market.

Purespin PRP®​